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Whiskey milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts

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about me

Hello there!

I'm Ave, and I've been baking for the past 16 years.


Or an entire zodiac cycle (and more).

I've undertaken all things baking throughout these years, be it personally or professionally. From sharing my creations online to managing content & product development for @bakestarters for over half a decade, my passion fuels me.


I have a friend who always (jokingly) mocks me for only having brownies in my baking repertoire, because brownies kinda have a bad rep for being the kindergartener in the baking world in comparison to fancier bakes like macarons.


I mean... I do bake other kinds of treats too, but there's just something about brownies that makes me gravitate towards them.

Is it the allure of watching silky smooth molten chocolate and ribbons of dark brown batter flowing into the brownie pan? Perhaps. 

But, it's also its versatility in providing the perfect canvas for a whole plethora of other treats.


And that's the beauty of baking. 


Oh, and chocolate. Because who doesn't love chocolate?

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belgian dark chocolate brownies singapore
rum raisin brownies singapore

why mai hiam buay pai?

"Mai hiam buay pai (lah!)" is a Hokkien saying which translates to "if you’re not fussy, it’s not bad (lah)”. 

I initially thought of naming this business something along the lines of "__ bakes" or "__ patisserie", or some punny/cute name. 

But, on a breezy night run trying to burn some brownie calories (how ironic), I thought, heck it, let’s ACKNOWLEDGE MY HOKKIEN ROOTS!!!


Thus, mai hiam buay pai was born.

I started this small business because I love brownies, and I love baking, and baking has always been an outlet where I can destress, live in the moment, and temporarily shelf all the hyperactivity in my brain.


This name was thus picked as a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment and reminder towards myself (& hopefully to you, too) to live a little, laugh a little more, and embrace all that life has to offer—brownie in hand or not.


brownies, and more

If it hasn't been clear enough, I love making and eating brownies. 

So, yes. Expect to see a plethora of brownie treats and more here! 

I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.

brownies singapore

Enough about me. Let's talk 'bout some


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