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dark chocolate fudge brownies

are you a true chocoholic?

Made with Belgian dark chocolate couverture

At mai hiam buay pai, while our name is tongue-in-cheek, we're serious about our brownies.

We believe in using premium chocolate for our brownies.
In comparison to regular compound chocolate which is made up of vegetable oil and other fillers, couverture is a type of high-quality chocolate made with cocoa butter. 

This gives couvertures a glossier appearance with a smooth and silky mouthfeel, elevating your brownie consumption experience.

Besides chocolate, butter also makes up a large proportion of a brownie recipe.

Our brownies are made using traditionally crafted French butter from Normandy, known for their production of smooth and flavourful milk — later churned into creamy, luxurious butter.

The higher butterfat and lower water content gives French butter its superior texture and flavour, making it the preferred choice in baking and cooking.


& premium butter hailing from Normandy, France.


Shiny, crackly tops which break apart into a moist, fudgy interior.

Pure bliss.

Enjoy them...

IMG_1140 (final).JPG





 room temp. 

One brownie — different tastes and textures, for different taste buds.

Love your brownies fudgy, intense and melt-in-your-mouth?
Have them on the day they're delivered for a brownie experience to remember. Heat them up gently and experience an explosion of taste buds. Don't say we didn't warn you.
Prefer your brownies denser and firmer?
Pop them in the fridge and have them slightly chilled for brownies with another dimension.

Perfect with a scoop of creamy, velvety ice cream.

Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, we ain't gonna tell you which to choose. We're not about micro-management.

Now available in

these flavours.



Caramelised Cookies & Cream Crunch

A twist on the classic Cookies & Cream flavour. Featuring a dark cocoa brownie with crushed Oreos and caramelised white chocolate crunch on both the insides and on top.



The OG. Made with Belgian dark chocolate with subtle notes of vanilla, then finished with more dark chocolate.



Our OG brownie, finished with a trio of dark, white, and milk chocolate couvertures so you get the best of (all) worlds.



For the coffeeholics. The OG spiked with coffee for smooth, mellow, and bittersweet notes in every (fudgy) bite.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 10.09.10 PM.png

Earl Grey
Dark Choc Chunk

Our signature Belgian dark choc brownie infused generously with earl grey for a delightfully fragrant treat, finished with hand-chopped dark chocolate chunks. 


Black Sesame Hazelnut Sea Salt

Bursting with umami flavours, these soft, fudgy brownies are layered with black sesame filling, finished with toasted hazelnuts, roasted black sesame powder, and a sprinkling of artisanal sea salt flakes. 

Each brownie comes in two sizes, Small and Large—perfect for gifting and bringing to your next gathering.  

Here's what people say

Their words, not ours.

Baked & packed to order, delivered to your doorstep.

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