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how to serve & store your brownies

Storing your brownies the right way will help them taste better, last longer, and make your overall brownie-gobbling experience a better one.

 Refer to the storage and serving tips below to make the best of your brownies.


One brownie, multiple experiences.

The taste and texture of our brownies change depending on how you serve and store them.

serving tips

i like 'em hot


Heat them in a toaster oven (great for getting a nice crusty surface!) for 3–5 min, or in an oven preheated at 160°C for 5–8 min. You may also use an airfryer preheated at 150°C. 
Pop the brownies in the microwave in 10–15 secs bursts, until they're hot & fudgy. Do not over-microwave as this will result in tough, dry, microwave-y brownies.

*Recommended for our Classic brownies.

room temp.

Leave chilled brownies out at room temperature for about 10 min until they have come to room temperature. 

*Recommended for our Classic brownies.

slightly chilled


Store brownies in the warmest part of the fridge/vegetable compartment, and consume straight out of the fridge. Otherwise, leave out for about 5 min before consuming.

*Recommended for our Classic & Boozy brownies.


Consume straight out of the fridge for brownies reminiscent of a chocolate fudge bar with a slight chew. 
As our brownies are made with a large amount of quality molten chocolate, they'll firm up when chilled; therefore, the lower the temperature, the firmer/denser the brownies will be! They will also taste less sweet.


storage tips

IMPT: Please note that as the fridge/freezer is a very dry environment — which helps preserve the lifespan of your brownies — it will also dry them out over time, especially if they're not wrapped or stored correctly.

We recommend wrapping the brownies with cling wrap or storing them in an airtight box or ziplock bag
to reduce direct cold air contact.  

 Store at room temperature for up to 2 days or in the chiller, best consumed within 7 days.
You may also freeze the brownies for 2 months from delivery. Thaw and/or reheat to serve.

*Note: Due to the extra soft center of the Guinness brownies, they are best stored in the chiller/freezer. Defrost before serving for a soft, extra fudgy consistency.

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