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boozy belgian brownies

alcohol-infused treats for the lovers of chocolate & booze

Our well-loved classic brownies,

Levelled up.

Made with alcohol — only the real thing. 


Specially picked and added to give you a smooth kick of booze in every bite.  


and the same premium ingredients we take pride in.


Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture

​Chocolate makes up a huge part of our brownies. And that’s why we place so much importance on its quality.

The dark chocolate in our brownies originate from Belgium — the world’s best and leading producer of chocolate.

Belgian chocolates are known for their outstanding quality and taste due to the quality of the cocoa butter they contain.


This means that you get a rich, smooth, and melt-in-your-mouth experience when you sink your teeth into our brownies.


French Butter

Besides chocolate, butter is also a key part of our brownies.


What makes French butter stand out amongst others is its higher butterfat percentage.


This means a deeper, richer flavour that’ll taste great both in your food, or on its own.  Oh — and in our brownies. 

One brownie, multiple experiences.

Serve it lightly chilled for a subtle chew, and a dense, fudgy bite bursting with boozy flavours. 

Gently heat/toast it for a lightly crisp crust that gives way to a chocolatey, boozy interior.

Add on dark chocolate chunks for that gush of molten goodness when you dig into a warm slice, or keep it chilled for that extra snap of chocolate that melts on your tongue.

Pair them with a glass

(or two) of your favourite booze, or with an ice-cold scoop of ice cream. 

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
(but don’t forget to drink responsibly!) 

Available in seven
different flavours.



Whisky Milk Choc w/ Caramelised Hazelnuts 

Silky smooth bourbon whiskey with mild toffee notes, punctuated with creamy milk choc bits and a nutty crunch


Baileys Caramelised Cookies & Cream Crunch

Our Cookies & Cream Crunch brownies, boozed up with Baileys Irish Cream for a silky smooth, extra fudgy treat.


Baileys Coffee

Coffee, Belgian dark chocolate, Baileys Irish cream, and cocoa come together in a decadent brownie. The cream in Baileys adds an extra silkiness to these melt-in-your-mouth bites.


Rum Raisin

Moist, dense, and fudgy. Filled with loads of plump pure Jamaican dark rum-soaked golden raisins, finished with Belgian dark chocolate.


Guinness Stout Blackout

Infused with Irish dark ale for a creamy, malty bittersweetness, finished with crisp Belgian dark chocolate feuilletine for added texture.


Kahlua Coffee Caramel Crunch

Inspired by the Espresso Martini cocktail, this brownie is infused with Kahlua and coffee, elevated with extra dark cocoa and a sprinkling of caramelised white chocolate crunch.


Hazelnut Rum Raisin

A nuttier take to our original rum & raisin brownie. Finished with a showering of toasted whole hazelnuts, chopped for added texture.

Each brownie comes in two sizes, Small and Large — perfect for gifting and bringing to your next gathering.  

Here's what people say

Their words, not ours.

Baked & packed to order, delivered to your doorstep.

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