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"The Dark Knight" | Guinness Stout Belgian Dark Choc Blackout Brownies

"The Dark Knight" | Guinness Stout Belgian Dark Choc Blackout Brownies

These Guinness Stout Belgian Dark Choc Blackout Brownies are a stout lover's dream. 


Guinness stout is in itself a smooth, creamy beverage that's rich in flavour, with notes of coffee and chocolate, making it an absolute match made in heaven with the silky smooth Belgian dark chocolate couverture used in the brownies. 


A twist from our other flavours, these have black cocoa powder to bring out the flavours of stout, adding a complementary intensity and bittersweetness. 


Texture-wise, it's different from our classic brownies, as the addition of beer gives the brownies an extra smooth, softer, melt-in-your-mouth textural profile. So, expect a soft, fudge-like texture oozing with malty bitterness at the tip of each slice; and as you work your way through it, the texture firms up and the chocolate flavours start taking center stage. 


Because beer is lighter than other hard liquors, it was tested a ridiculous amount of times as compared to the rest of our brownies in order to find the perfect balance between alcohol intensity, flavour profile, and texture. 


To top it all off and add a textural contrast to the otherwise melt-in-your-mouth texture, the brownies are studded and finished with house-made Belgian Dark Chocolate Feuilletine — similar to that much-adored crispy layer commonly found in chocolate cakes. 


These Guinness Stout brownies are best served very lightly chilled, or at room temperature. More serving info here.


These brownies are made with the same premium ingredients we take pride in—Belgian dark chocolate couverture for that silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and creamy premium French butter.

Comes in 1 size, Small.

  • Small: 6" round (~450g)


Celebrating someone's special day? Let us know in advance, and we'll drop you candles with your brownie!

FREE ISLANDWIDE doorstep delivery with a minimum order of S$50 per location. Otherwise, shipping will be a flat rate of S$5.90 per location. 

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